Largest sales network polygraphic,
advertising and souvenir production

Our production

Printing and Advertising Agency of the full cycle "GLORIA" - high-quality modern printing, packaging, advertising and souvenir products.

The largest network of printing, advertising and souvenir products

A printing company, a full-service printing and advertising agency Gloria can replace an entire marketing and advertising department for your company with all the costs involved. We are engaged in the complex provision of companies and enterprises with all kinds of printed and promotional products, from ordinary business cards, catalogs and calendars to the most complex advertising structures, molded displays (molding 4000x2000 mm), metal racks, pillars and advertising displays from chipboard with full color printing directly on the panel.

Beer Coasters / Flavors:


Office printing:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Self-copying forms
  • Блокноты
  • Notepads
  • Envelopes
  • PIN envelopes
  • Appointments
  • Planings
  • Clashers (business card holders)
  • Handles, ashtrays, etc. with logo

Advertising polygraphy:

  • Folders
  • Newspapers
  • Packages
  • Posters
  • Leaflets (flyers)
  • Booklets (leaflets)
  • Leaflets


  • Eternal Calendar (photo, video)
  • Pocket calendars
  • Desktop calendars
  • Flip Calendars
  • Calendars-posters
  • Calendars-houses
  • Calendars quarterly with a clock
  • Calendars-planning
  • Calendars quarterly
  • Blocks for quarterly calendars



Printing on fabrics, author's scarves, scarves, stoles:

 Авторский платок


Art print on canvas, fine art prints and fine art posters:


Products for retail chains:

  • Polyethylene bags LDPE, HDPE, PSD
  • Kraft bags with handles paper twine
  • Packages of designer paper with handles textile cord
  • Packages with full-color laminated prints of increased strength
  • Products for promo-actions (leaflets, booklets, flyers, discount cards)

Racks for retail chains:

  • Racks, stands and trade equipment from metal with powder painting. Own production.
  • Attachments: hooks, holders, hooks, awnings. Own production.
  • Racks under the counter in the cashier zone of retail chains for bottled water. Own production.
  • End stands, racks with a basket of metal for retail chains. Own production.
  • Racks, stands and trade equipment from chipboard with full-color printing. Furniture made of chipboard for pharmacies, shops, hotels, rest houses, etc. Own production.

Corporate printing: